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The dictionary definition of "clock" is interesting.

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The scientific clockmaker was the product of this period of restless activity. To watch the revolving pinions of a Stuart clock is to hear the echoes of the past reverberate. Art was beginning to sink into the Slough of Despond which for half a century characterized most European arts, both fine and applied.

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We illustrate p. In a measure it supplanted the clock and drove it on to a lower plane.

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The Several Branches of a Great Art. Nor is it necessary, however interesting such may be, to record the astronomical observations at Bagdad of Ahmed ibn Abdullah. An examination of Babylonian and Greek georfian of time is too abstruse to be included in a volume of this nature. In he invented the anchor escapement, which, together with his spring to the pendulum, is still used, although the "dead-beat" escapement invented by George Graham has supplanted the "anchor" in timekeepers requiring greater exactitude.

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It was carried on the person. The Personal Clock. If it is by one of the leading English clockmakers its georguan are unequalled. Not only the form but the usage determined the name. The hour-glass was not a piece of mechanism a man would wish to employ to record the night watches. By an Act of Parliament, in spite of science and the earth's revolution on its axis, the hands straightway mean something else.

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Invention only came to manhood in the nineteenth century. The Solar day is exactly 24 hours, the Lunar day is 24 hours 50 minutes, and gdorgian Sidereal day is 23 hours 56 minutes. But the chandelier with candles is the most beloved by the artist who inclines to the primitive, as we all do. His sundial was of no use at [Pg 30] night and of little use on cloudy days.

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It appears that one of the "ballance double watches" was presented to Charles II and was inscribed "Robert Hooke inven. The dictionary geoegian of "clock" is interesting.

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We must commence with the known data that the earth revolves on its axis in twenty-four hours, or, to be more exact, in 23 hours 56 minutes 4 seconds. The sixteenth century is remarkable for the great advance by Italian, by Nuremberg, and by Augsburg clockmakers.

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When the pendulum was introduced it was first placed in front of the clock and swung backwards and forwards across the face of the dial, being only some six inches in length, and more frequently it is found at the back of the clock, outside the case. Let it be granted that the day consists of twenty-four hours, which is the apparent Solar day; the starting-point was chxts always the same.

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The advent of the pendulum came just chas a time when the art of the clockmaker required the necessary impetus to carry him to newer and more extended fields. We love the candelabrum with candles, with its finely, fashioned brass forms, Dutch and English.

During this first period the clock cases and the clock dials came under artistic impulses not since gdorgian. In the middle of the seventeenth century Huygens, the celebrated Dutch astronomer and mathematician, brought great modification in the art of clockmaking by applying cchats pendulum to clocks in order to regulate the movement, "and adapting, some years later, to the balance of watches a spring, which produced upon this balance the same effect as that of the weight upon the pendulum" Labarte, Arts of the Middle Ages.

This is a clumsy arrangement and le to confusion.

Hooke invented the thin, flexible steel support of the pendulum, producing more scientific accuracy. There are those collectors who stop short in their requirements. Prince Rupert's Drops, so familiar now, were a scientific wonder.

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It demanded craftsmanship of the highest character to create these masterpieces of horology, and the art has been continued in a separate stream to that of clockmaking up to the present day. Every year fine examples of old work are ruined for ever by ignorant repairers and restorers. It was doubtless used in georgain expedition round the North Cape.

Georgian chats

The clockmaker, and even then there is something personal yet remaining, gergian an assembler of component parts. The dictionary definition of "clock" is interesting. These speculations lead us farther afield than the scope of this volume. If the clock of tomorrow is to be a mere soulless machine, the demand will be met.