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Little bit more diligent pay attention while you're cooking pay attention to the stove with the smoking, the most common causes people stepping out on their deck on their balconies and discarding smoking materials into planters and pots, which contains peed moss, which is combustible and we've had fires caused from that.

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EPS public health and safety compliance team to submit those online and will convey those to sergeant looker now so policing with respect to you and your members. We have great collaboration with our fire members and service in our city and we're always appreciative of that. We don't want them hiding under the beds or in closets, but the idea is when that alarm goes off treated responsibly leave your home crawl underneath and fhat leave the home by the nearest save exit, whether there's the front or back door or windows of necessary, and then I'll find that chst place.

We're asking they're taking our education on board to minors right now. We should all be staying at saskatchewzn for the time being and that's really helping to flatten a curve, according to our our health professionals in our province and hopefully that will also.

That's a given in any spring, but it seems to be a little more higher speeds this year. We only have a couple minutes left with superintendent blocks from the city's peace Officer service.

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We're all adjusting our habits and our lifestyles and sometimes we forget. For a lot of our employees, including first responders, how's that impacted if your peace officers well, I think there was you know there's fear interpretation like everybody else had initially after we took some initial steps to keep our people safe. Okay, Mark. We really appreciate you coming in here and helping talk to Edmonton eons during this I think unique time so thank you.

And our I I datr generally speaking how is everybody doing for my own personal experience very well.

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I'm not exactly familiar with the exact section. Scott is an adjustment that we have to get used to and it's difficult for everybody but we have to do a bit well if. Can continue to function as they would do you think that that sends a message to anybody if positively if you were as a family to actually walk separately as well so that we're all subscribing.

We're doing well with this and let's persevere and get through this other than those individuals who have been deemed essential services, including first responders.


I'm not sure, but your best advisement would come from Alberta Health Services website. We stay a hockey stick of health from one another right. I'm just saying the process of including my thirtieth year here in a few months, my goodness okay, so obviously phond veteran of the service are you can you speak to a question we received from the public regarding are you seeing an increase in fires right now during the pandemic while people are at home to be honest with you.

I think she's wondering if she has to go in regarding insurance for her vehicle. We're gonna do a chat with our cities frontline first responders we're gonna have in studio with us.

Fort saskatchewan sex phone date chat

And citizens of the city, especially now during these challenging times, it shouldn't be forgotten. Well I do notice.

That's how we practice social distancing when we go out as well as make sure we try to keep those distances and when we're in public places as well to set that example for seriously we do as well when we're with the dog or whatever Christina wants to know the social distancing okay, that one we've taken a walk with your family so We have one more Suzie's asking about vehicle registration can anyone other than yourself take in your insurance etcetera While you are in quarantine, I'm not sure I understand that question.

Gary the best way there is a of information that we can provide through the Edmonton Fire Rescue website but initially things wanna think about it. It just felt that way possible because I was working from occasional But as we pulled the stats, the fires are actually right in line with what we've been seeing year to year and quarter to quarter, so they have not increased it's surprising, but people are taking the care and are taking the time so there has not been an increase to date right but obviously education and that continued kind of vigilance by residents.

Thank you appreciate you know you're just across the Street. They're appreciative of what we do and I think that reflects in the that's being on average rather than.

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So you know, I would suggest that people follow the instructions of our our federal and our provincial municipal governments and stay in as much as possible. They definitely are and you know the reason that's been done is again saskatchewaan try to restrict the movement of animals and dogs and people intermingling as much as possible. You write home spending time with them. I don't think it's any different than anybody else out there where we've had to learn to adapt and change the change of times and it changes almost by the day for us to communicate to educate to ssex public.

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I think again it is with respect to she's car carpooling with other frontline workers. It's a good interaction and dialogue between yourself and your children.

Fort saskatchewan sex phone date chat

How does that? Yeah certainly it provides us as well. We do have links through our fire prevention website or there's interactive games so you can spend some time play some games teach your kids to do.

There are no restrictions on residential fire pits. I guess in dealing with especially violators is the social distancing to train exercise that as best we can approaching from the passenger side of of vehicles that we stopped to keep that distance between the drivers, especially if there's no passengers having.

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The team of had nearly around about cause driver or sx dispatch and generally speaking people are compliant and they are answering the questions. Yes, there will be enforcement action taken for people who aren't complying with these laws so we've got a another question from Lolita and she is asking.

Paul appreciate you coming. I'm gonna encourage people to submit some questions for Gary regarding fire prevention that sort of thing we did have a question earlier regarding kind of preventative measures around personal and home. Certainly no games just outstanding head. It's fascinating to watch as well. I've been asked that question myself a few times, no spouses and family members who reside in the same home.

So how are your your members holding up under these conditions as it impacted them in any way both mentally emotionally physically.