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Things you will need: 1. Read at least one book about greyhound adoption. There are many very good books available that provide useful information about greyhound adoption. It is an crossroadss book and some of the information is out of date but it is still the best book we have found. A crate. We highly recommend that adopters buy a crate before bringing home their new greyhound.

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Most feel safer and more comfortable in a familiar crate than loose in a strange house. Get an identity tag to put on the collar of your dog, include dog's name, your name, address, and cell phone. Lets not let that happen to your new family member!

The dog never has the chance to begin eliminating in the house if you supervise properly. Always use a martingale collar when you are outside a fenced-in area.

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Greyhounds do not need baths often, but if they still have a kennel or vet office smell, you may want to bathe your new hound. Flea and tick meds can be given just as needed and aren't usually necessary in the winter months.

We use a couple of twin sized comforters from Goodwill in crates. Typically this is dog food that can be purchased in pet stores or tractor supply companies.

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After the first week, you can experiment with other tasty morsels to add to your dog's food. There are many links to health information, historical information, and other good stuff about greyhounds, and, of course, links to things you can buy for both you and your greyhound! You first get the form from the NGA, then send it to the person who owned your dog as a racer the NGA provides the address and name of the owner with a stamped-self-addressed envelope.

Most greyhounds need much less than this to maintain a good weight anyway. In the beginning, give your new dog a chance fostesr adjust to his new home and new family.

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Gradually put less and less water on the food until the dog learns to eat it dry. At Greyhound Crossro we crossorads not require that our adopters have fenced-in yards. Teach your children never to rosters a dog that is laying down or sleeping. One way to help is to volunteer at our Meet and Greets and fund raising efforts. The uncooked bones provides extra calcium and do an amazing job of keeping the dogs' teeth clean!

This is especially necessary if you have other dogs, small dogs, cats, or even small children. Food, water and dishes. Use the crate if you have to leave the dog at home or if the dog is acting overwhelmed by too many people, too many new things, etc.

Supervision is important, but too much love and affection can be overwhelming and unwanted. This teaches the dog that good things come from the child and that the child "owns" the food and is sharing it. An excellent website on greyhound health issues is greythealth.

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Physical stress - recent spay or neuter surgery, vet stay, worming, and shots. You can use any standard leash nylon or leather with the martingale collar.

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You will be given one of our Greyhound Crossro ID tags when you adopt your dog. The main use for squawkers is in emergency situations.

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Remember that your greyhound's job has been to chase small furry things up until now. Also, remember to always have fresh water available for your greyhound. Find a vet that is familiar with greyhounds. These are very handy just in case your new greyhound gets away from you somehow.

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You want a dog that avoids kids when it has had enough rather than growling or snapping, so make sure the child knows to let the dog walk away. Allowing too much freedom too early causes potty training issues and can actually put your dog's life in danger if it gets ahold of something dangerous while you are gone. Don't allow the dog to "own" space. It isn't necessary to soften the food first. Greyhounds he are often smaller than their necks so they can slip out of standard buckle collars very easily.

Greyhounds will chase to the point of heat exhaustion and even death if a human does not stop them.

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The best thing to do is ask the foster parents how much they were feeding your greyhound. Changes in household members - new foster family, adoptive family and possibly kids and new pets in the household to adjust to. No matter how perfectly potty trained a dog may be in his foster home he will NOT understand that the same rules ceossroads in your house. You want your greyhound to feel the need to seek YOU out to get affection rather than feeling like you are a bothersome stalker.

If you decide to get a wire crate, you may want to look for the jn that have doors on the narrow end as shown in the picture to the right as well as a door on the wide side of the crate. We recommend either the plastic "airline" crates or wire crates. Avoid inviting in the neighborhood to show off your new greyhound.

Three fingers should fit between the two metal rings at the top.